Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Paul's serves familiar pleasures.(Dining)

Byline: Charlotte Balcomb Lane OF THE JOURNAL

Popular steakhouse stuck in tasty time warp

The best thing about Paul's Monterey Inn is that if bombs were dropping outside, no one inside the restaurant would be the wiser.

Once customers step inside the rock-walled confines of Paul's decorated a la 1971 with black leatherette booths and gold glass light fixtures they lose track of whether outside it's January or June, night or day, sunny or snowing. Inside Paul's, everything is as it has been since it opened in 1971.

This is not a bad thing. Indeed for the legion of loyal customers of Paul's, this sameness and consistency is a great thing, the very thing that keeps them returning for slabs o' beef and baked potatoes with the works. …

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