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dead or durable?(Art)

Byline: About Art TOM COLLINS For the Journal

'Painting Is Dead' exhibition almost proves its point

A cynic might suggest that when you start seeing painting exhibitions titled "Painting Is Dead," it won't be long before you start seeing Nehru jackets and platform boots worn in public again. Come to think of it, I have seen platform boots and Nehru jackets being worn again. And in public. Just goes to show you hang around long enough and you'll see everything. Twice. And, as always, when you hear proclaimed the passing of this art form or that god, you can be assured that reports of their demise are, as Mark Twain famously said, greatly exaggerated. Not long after the death of no one less than God was pronounced back in the 1960s, organized religion got the biggest boost since the resurrection.

In the present instance, painting's death-announcement is an invitation to a juried and invitational painting exhibition at Plan B Evolving Arts. It is part wake and part coming-out party. Last fall, the co-curators and jurists of the show, artist/photographer and Plan B artistic director Guy Ambrosino, and Jon Carver critic, painter and teacher of painting at Santa Fe Community College advertised locally for submissions. …

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