Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Cameraman Wonders If Feeding People to Lions Is Next on TV.

Byline: Leanne Potts Journal Staff Writer

Darryl L. Frank of Albuquerque has done some gonzo work during his 20 years as a free-lance cameraman.

There was the time he filmed a guy being shot from a cannon across the Grand Canyon for the MTV series "Senseless Acts of Video." And the time he filmed a pro wrestler-turned-bounty hunter catching a suspect for an episode of "Inside Edition."

But the two weeks Frank spent working as a cameraman on the set of "Temptation Island" left him wondering if civilization has gone off the deep end.

"It's a new low in television," Frank said about the series that debuts tonight. "I mean, it's not like 'Survivor' where you get a million bucks. …

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