Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

What it all means.

Byline: K.C. Mason Journal Staff Writer

A small business owner was looking for an ISDN to replace her POTS but she needed more bandwidth. She found that a T1 was too expensive because of the cost of laying fiber optic cable and she was not within a LAN. So she looked into DSL, only to find she would have to relocate to within a three-mile radius of a CO. Community opposition to towers and antennae ruled out wireless or cell phones; coaxial cable was too slow; and she didn't have the equipment for a satellite uplink, so she turned for help to NM TAG. There she found TRADE, RDC and others willing to at least answer questions about her telecom needs.

Confused by the new language of telecommunications (telecom)? …

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