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Singer/songwriter pours out heart into music.(Arts & Culture)

Byline: Leanne Potts Journal Staff Writer

* Tish Hinojosa's 'Signs of Truth' reflects recent tumult in life

Tish Hinojosa hasn't had it easy lately. In the four years since her last album, the singer/songwriter ended a 20-year marriage and was dropped by a major record company.

You can hear the hurt on last year's "Signs of Truth," her most recent release and the musical equivalent of a bruise. "Everything's gray/ My heart's pined away/ My feet are nailed to the ground/ I'm wired standing up/ I'm broken and cut/ But I can't seem to fall down," she sings in the desolate "Fence Post."

Hinojosa has always sounded fragile, wistful, with a gorgeous voice that hovers somewhere between Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. But she sounds even more delicate now. Sadder. Wiser.

She brings that voice to Albuquerque Saturday when she headlines the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce's Noche Encantada.

Understand, please, that she isn't going to give you a homily about how tough times make you stronger. Hinojosa isn't one to express complex feelings with platitudes, which is why her songs have always stood out.

Hinojosa, 45, is more likely to talk about her children, Adam, 16, and Nina, 13, or the vacation she just took to the Mexican coast. She says learning to be a single mom and manage her career without her former husband/manager has been a difficult process. …

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