Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

A clearer picture.(Trends)

Byline: Story by Barbara Chavez * Of the Journal

Electronically generated Nielsen ratings give a more precise view of what New Mexicans are watching on TV

In New Mexico, the television picture is suddenly getting clearer. It's not the screen on your TV set we're talking about, though. It's the fuzzy picture of New Mexico's television audience.

For years, TV executives have tried to get an accurate look at the state's audience. They desperately want to know what we're watching what we like, and what we skip.

So they pay the Nielsen Media Research company to find out. Nielsen, in turn, finds 400 households whose family members are willing to keep detailed logbooks of what they watch every day.

By compiling the logs, or "TV diaries," the company produces its famous Nielsen ratings a rough picture of what half a million New Mexico households watch on TV.

The trouble is, it is a very rough picture. Those logbooks are hard to fill out accurately.

Well, do not adjust your set, but the picture is getting sharper.

The Nielsen ratings for the November sweeps period are in, and for the first time they are not based only on logbooks. …

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