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Getaway with murder.(Travel & Leisure)

Byline: Story by D'Val Westphal * Illustration by Cathryn Cunningham Of the Journal

Mystery weekend in Cloudcroft gives guests a chance to play sleuth

We don't travel in a social circle that includes international businessmen, gourmet food developers, diamond mine owners, defense contractors, CIA operatives, cloning experts or tabloid moguls.

But that's the kind of people who hang around The Lodge in Cloudcroft especially in February and November. The place is crawling with them.

And as sure as we are that those money magnates are going to check in, that's as sure as we are that at least one of them is going to check out.


That's why we make the Murder Mystery Weekend a regular getaway.

Shocking developments

By the time our group of five me plus my husband, mom and two friends had checked in Friday afternoon, Mr. Moto was already dead. He had missed his Thursday dinner reservations in Rebecca's (The Lodge's restaurant named for the resident ghost who disappeared after her lumberjack lover found her in the arms of another) and was discovered by Lodge security naked, wet and very dead in the tub in his suite. What appeared to be a heart attack turned out to be a laptop with a long cord, according to the autopsy posted in the lobby Friday night. …

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