Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Proposed Rule Change Causes a Stampede.(New Mexico & The West)

Byline: Fritz Thompson Journal Staff Writer

* Parents, advisers say 'blow and show' rule for steer show would eliminate responsibility event is supposed to teach

Don't go with "blow and show."

That was the sentiment on the part of some 70 ranchers, farmers, county agents, FFA advisers and 4-H sponsors crowded into a recent New Mexico State Fair committee meeting.

The argument has to do with changing the way steers are gussied up for the show ring by young exhibitors at the fair.

The "blow and show" rule would be a simple one: It would mean that while a steer was on the fairgrounds it would not be allowed to get anything except a shampoo and a blow-dry before it stepped into the show ring.

No clipping, no contouring, no high echelon grooming advice none of the stuff allowed by three pages and 34 rules in the latest State Fair premium book. …

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