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Can Dubya save the Cowboy Myth?(Personalities)

Byline: Culture Shock LEANNE POTTS Of the Journal

* Urban America seems to have fallen out of love with the Old West

With a Texan ridin' into the White House this weekend, we decided to check into the status of the Cowboy Myth, circa 2001.

Feature writers and cultural commentators have speculated the Bush presidency will make cowboy chic fashionable again for the first time since the early 1990s, when Garth Brooks ushered in a brief hat craze rivaling that unfortunate "Urban Cowboy" thing.

Look, they say, even Madonna is wearing Western duds these days! Everybody run out and buy some Justins, this Dubya thing will put it over the top! Yippee-ya-yay!

"There were Tony Lama boots in a recent Victoria's Secret catalog," says Jerry Krumm, CEO of the Albuquerque-based chain of western clothing stores Western Warehouse.

So imagine our surprise when we looked in the latest quarterly publication put out by the Trends Research Institute, a think tank that issues Faith Popcorn-like predictions about cultural trends, and saw the following headline:

"Don't Buy Into the Old West." The article goes on to say, essentially, that images of the West are as dead as Roy Rogers. "Too much time has passed and too much has changed for society to readily draw on emotions for this seemingly ancient era," the article says. …

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