Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

'Smart' Dummy at Work.(Metro & New Mexico)

Byline: Jackie Jadrnak Journal Staff Writer

* UNM medical students practice procedures on lifelike patient capable of real-time, realistic response

Stan's reaction to the narcotic wasn't the high many addicts hope for. After the injection, his pupils narrowed to pinpoints. His eyelids closed as he drifted off to sleep. Before long, he stopped breathing.

His life was in danger - and it will be again and again so medical, nursing and pharmacy students, emergency medical technicians and other health-care professionals can learn how to revive someone suffering from a drug overdose or a host of other ailments.

Stan isn't a living human being. He's a dummy set up in the BATCAVE Basic Advance Trauma Computer Assisted Virtual Experience in the basement of the University of New Mexico's Cancer Research and Treatment Center. …

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