Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Virtual Beaches Lift Winter Blahs.

Byline: Getting a Life SARAH HUBBARD Of the Journal

"I just want to see some palm trees/go and try to shake away this disease."

Everclear "Santa Monica"

Ever feel this way? Every year, right around now, I fall into the midwinter blahs. The holidays are long over, it's still cold out, the landscape's overwhelmingly brown and spring seems a long time in coming. It's enough to dampen a girl's spirit.

So I have to winterize my soul.

When the blahs first hit, I dig out pictures of "beaches I have known" and thumb through guide books about tropical locales.

A few days pass and I start reading the Travel section in Sunday's paper strictly for the ads. …

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