Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Use clear communication to establish who's top dog.

Byline: Pet Care DR. JEFF NICHOL For the Journal

Q: My husband and I have just acquired a 10-week-old female Lakeland Terrier. I am concerned about her aggressive behavior. She has been growlish and snappish over a bone or if woken up unexpectedly. Most times she is sweet. At this time I can still return her to the breeder.

Dr. Nichol: You are being smart about the potential for serious trouble with your new baby. For most of us the "falling in love" part is easy but the realization that the "fit" may be wrong is real tough.

Your new puppy has a terrier personality. But that's only part of it. Not only did you pick a terrier; you picked a dominant terrier. …

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