Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Builders Fear Limit On Growth.

Byline: Miguel Navrot Journal Staff Writer

Councilor: Water Woes Must Be Shared

Fearing future limits on the number of construction projects that will be allowed in Santa Fe under the city's "water budgeting" plan, members of a local home builders group are pledging to resist the proposed limits on their work.

"To us, it's definitely a fight," said Kim Shanahan, a building superintendent with Santa Fe's Bruce Thompson and Associates. "As builders, we feel we're being asked to bear the burden more than any other industry."

To wage the battle, the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association is committing $25,000 for a campaign being undertaken by TAP Water Santa Fe, a local group of industry representatives concerned with the city's limited water supply and its effects. …

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