Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Overlooked Overpass Is Overcriticized.(Metro & New Mexico)

Byline: Road Warrior D'VAL WESTPHAL Of the Journal

LET'S CROSS THAT GIBSON OVERPASS ONE MORE TIME: Dorothy Brown called after a reader said the reason Lovelace employees don't use the pedestrian overpass across Gibson is because it's full of homeless people, drug paraphernalia and graffiti.

See, Dorothy walks that overpass three times a week. And she has yet to see a homeless person or drug paraphernalia. She says there is a little graffiti on one of the steps.

"She's out of her mind," Dorothy says of the homeless/drug paraphernalia/graffiti sighter. "We've been going there for two years, and there is none of that whatsoever. There is one old guy who does the stairs with his heart monitor. …

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