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Tree location keeps fruit from freezing.(Homestyle)

Byline: Yard and Garden LYNN ELLEN DOXON For the Journal

Q: I am considering planting several fruit trees. Can you tell me the best location for an orchard and how to prepare for planting?

A: Because we generally have some warm early-spring weather, and then at least one cold snap, our fruit blossoms often freeze.

To keep this from happening, you want to delay blossoming as long as possible.

The best way to do this is to plant your orchard on the north side of the house or on a north-facing slope where the temperature will be cool longer.

If you don't have a north-facing slope or can't put the trees on the north side of the house, east is better than west or south. Any location will work, of course: You will just get fruit less often if it is in a place that warms up early in the spring.

To prepare the soil, till or dig organic matter into the entire area where you will put the orchard. …

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