Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Firm Bulbs Found in Pantry Will Still Grow.(Community)

Byline: Digging In TRACEY FITZGIBBON For the Journal

Q. If I'd found a bag of tulips that I'd stored in the pantry and planted them now, would they still grow?

A. As long as the bulbs are still healthy and you get them in the ground soon, the chances they will be able to do their voodoo is good!

First hold the bulbs in the palm of your hand and try to squish them. If the bulbs are still firm, more than likely they are still viable. If they are squishy or moldy you'll be able to recognize that instantly.

If they are "yucky," they've got to go. Add them to your compost pile. They'll break down into usable stuff for the earth, or bite the bullet and throw them away. …

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