Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Author Explores Sexual Stereotyping of Women.

Byline: Marika Brussel For the Journal

For most of us, adolescence is a time of confusion and alienation. No one wants to fit in more than a teen-ager does they want to look the same, wear the same clothing; they want acceptance, they want to belong. Sadly, belonging is often relative if one is included, someone else must be excluded. For girls, being an outsider, for whatever reason, can be the conduit for stereotyping and negative labeling.

In the 1950s, sexual activity real or perceived was considered a negative thing. The sexual double-standard has not been abolished, despite the sexual revolution, and despite our desire for it to be so. Leora Tanenbaum's work, "Slut! …

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