Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

SUVs Are Getting A Bit Much.

Byline: JOHN BRENNAN Mountain View Journal

Having a vehicle you can count on when the going gets rough is nice, especially when the weather gets like it's been the past couple of days.

But having said that, I've gotta say this SUV thing is getting out of hand.

SUV used to stand for sport-utility vehicle, I think. The idea was that you could use these vehicles to go "four-wheeling" (sport) or to haul or tow cargo over rough terrain (utility).

But judging from the upward trend in the sheer bulk of these machines and the fact that they're everywhere you look, I'd say it could more appropriately stand for Stupendously Unnecessary Volume. Or Sickeningly Ubiquitous Vermin. …

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