Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Carwash A Crack Operation.

Byline: Jeff Jones Journal Staff Writer

* APD says two employees of North Valley business sold more drugs than wax

Wash. Wax. Crack.

Albuquerque police say all three were for sale at the carwash at 2801 Fourth NW, and the crack cocaine seemed to be the No. 1 seller at times.

"An awful lot of foot traffic. Not a lot of cars. Not a lot of car-washing going on. But a lot of satisfied customers," Albuquerque Police Department narcotics Sgt. Clarence Davis said. "We saw more crack-selling than car-washing. There was an awful lot of business there."

Davis said at one point Monday afternoon, investigators saw 15 or 16 people at the carwash "and none of them had cars. …

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