Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Venue Offers Patrons Chance To Dance Traditional Tango.(Community)

Byline: Jane Mahoney For the Journal

* Albuquerque women teaching dance as it's practiced in crowded Argentine cafes

Jenny DeBouzek thought she knew a lot about the tango. That illusion crumbled when DeBouzek realized she'd never be able to take the long, gliding steps of the South American dance on a crowded cafe dance floor in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"My fellow (North) Americans were feeling very frustrated on the small dance floor," she said.

So, she sat back and watched the dancers just normal, everyday people in a crowded cafe enjoying an evening of social dance. And DeBouzek, once a professional modern dancer, loved what she saw.

"The whole dance floor moved as one unit," she said. "Seeing that, it made me understand the tango. It changed my life."

Back in Albuquerque, DeBouzek has teamed up with Karen Reck to establish Tango Downtown, a new venue for traditional Argentine tango. …

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