Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Mistletoe will kill junipers.(Homestyle)

Byline: Yard and Garden LYNN ELLEN DOXON For the Journal

Q: My property is surrounded by junipers, both Rocky Mountain and monosperma. Almost all of them have mistletoe and some are near dead. Can I save them by removing the mistletoe, or will it just sprout again? Cassim Dunn, El Prado

A: Mistletoe is a little like an iceberg. There is more of the plant inside the tree where you can't see it than outside where you can. In the case of trees that are nearly dead already, it is not likely you can save them. If you have trees with only a little mistletoe you can prolong their life by removing the part of the mistletoe you can see. That will stunt the growth of the inside part. …

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