Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

from stone to clay.

Byline: Wesley Pulkka For the Journal

Sculptor has enjoyed the change from creating for herself to expressing herself through the ideas of others

North Valley sculptor Linda Dabeau says she left the gallery scene several years ago to focus her creativity on public and liturgical commissions.

She also changed from working almost exclusively in abstract carved stone to casting naturalistic figurative work in bronze.

The shift in materials and the requirements of public monuments also demanded that Dabeau work in a far larger scale. Moving from 24-inch tall stone pieces to life-size and heroic size figures was an enormous challenge.

She also placed her reputation and self-expression in the hands of committees of people who she didn't know personally.

"I discovered that I have the ability to listen to community needs and communicate my creative expression and personal interpretation of how to fulfill those needs," Dabeau said. "What at first made me nervous became something that I now really enjoy doing. I believe that working on public and private pieces that serve the community has been a boon to my personal creativity and growth as an artist. …

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