Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Windy Season a Good Time To Sharpen Pruning Shears.

Byline: RUTH LUHRS Mountain & High Plains Gardening

And so our spring winds have started to blow. It is time to get on with dormant pruning.

When asked, many experienced gardeners will say: "Prune whenever the shears are sharp, and keep them that way." Winter, or dormant, pruning stimulates growth; summer pruning inhibits it.

The best approach for the average gardener is to keep it simple. Study the tree or shrub to be pruned. First remove all broken and dead wood. The main reason for pruning is to make the plant grow the way you want it to. If the plant is lopsided after removing damaged branches, prune to correct the problem.

Swelling buds indicate new growth. Cut to an outside bud if you want the branch to grow out. …

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