Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Pool-Less Reviewer Dives Into Predictions.

Byline: James Yodice Journal Staff Writer

* Don't expect Oscar winners to match up with this film buff's list

Seeing as how office pools are strictly prohibited (damn) by the newspaper that brings you these words, I offer you the choices I would have made in the six major categories for the 73rd Academy Awards. That is, the boxes I have checked on my ballot, which is absolutely, positively not part of any office pool competition anywhere in the Albuquerque metropolitan area (damn). For legal purposes, I must be clear about this.

The Oscars are scheduled to be handed out Sunday. If I were a betting man (damn), which I'm not, I'd take these to the bank.

Feel free to play along at home.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: The nominees are Kate Hudson and Frances McDormand as a groupie and a journalist's mom, respectively, in "Almost Famous"; Julie Walters as a bitter dance teacher in "Billy Elliot"; Marcia Gay Harden as the long-suffering wife of a famous painter in "Pollock"; and Judi Dench as a lonely spinster in "Chocolat."

They're all very good, and Hudson would seem to be the best educated guess for her turn as an obsessed groupie hooked on the lead singer of a band. McDormand, however, stole the film with her alternately hilarious and touching performance as a concerned mom.

As for Walters, I doubt she will garner enough votes, strong as she was in a film that didn't get the support it should have received. …

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