Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Lab Spends $300 Million On Nonproliferation.

Byline: Jennifer McKee Journal Staff Writer

David Simons, charged with inventing nuclear bomb-tracking technology at Los Alamos National Laboratory, doesn't talk about storing nukes in "strategic escrow" 300 miles from anywhere.

But former CIA Director Stansfield Turner's ideas on nonproliferation aside, Simons does know a lot about what the nation is currently doing to stem the flow of nuclear bombs.

Simons, interviewed Wednesday at the lab, is the head of research and development in its nonproliferation program. According to him and lab information, LANL spends about $300 million a year on nonproliferation and international security programs. To put that in perspective, the lab's nuclear bomb development side of things has a budget roughly three times that, but that figure also includes the so-called Stockpile Stewardship Program, the method of testing existing nuclear weapons without detonating any. …

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