Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Bosque del Apache comes alive with blooming wildflowers.(Outdoors & Recreation)

Byline: Dave Jackson For the Journal

Here is a quiz question for Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge visitors: The early bird A. Gets the worm.

B. Leaves the first day of spring for the annual migration to the north.

C. Visits the refuge at the break of spring to see vibrant wildflowers in bloom.

Actually, all three answers will get you a free drink of water at the refuge Visitors Center. But if the "early bird" in question happens to be a hiker, then answer C is perhaps the most timely.

Some of the first spring wildflowers are blooming in profusion at the refuge, and the best place to view them is on the trail to 6,195-foot Chupadera Peak.

The flowers, which are blooming in protected areas on the sides of Red Canyon and on the slopes leading to the peak, were noticed last week by refuge volunteer John Bertrand, who hikes all of the trails in the area on a regular basis. …

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