Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Radio Has Evolved But Still Has a Heart.(Editorial Page)


It's been a while since radio stations in general were local concerns primarily concerned about serving their locality. Now most are owned by a few big national operations that program what people will hear from thousands of miles away. If a deejay says something like, "It's 15 minutes after the hour," and never mentions the hour, chances are he may be working in another time zone.

And if a local disc jockey is having a feud with a disc jockey from a different station, it's quite possible that both are employed by the same company, work just down the hall from each other and enjoy coffee breaks together.

Even so-called requests often are limited to songs that have been pre-programmed; the deejay simply tapes and edits in the caller's voice at the scheduled time or attributes the idea to the caller. …

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