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Series explores Medieval Spain.(Books)

Byline: DAVID STEINBERG Of the Journal

Sometimes there are moments that converge in oddball ways. Like the two moments Monday morning. Both were about the Middle Ages, generally 450 to 1500.

During a break from writing this column, I was reading an e-mail about the upcoming lecture series on "Medieval Spain Land of Three Cultures."

Well, the e-mail was about a folio or folder, that first surfaced in the 15th century, the Late Middle Ages, in the lowlands south of Antwerp. It was a time before books, according to the e-mail message.

The message said the folio was known as "Oculatum 636," and supposedly contained a method of surviving the cruelties of life, a life without plumbing, electricity, planes, cars, CDs and Palm Pilots.

Fast forward to the present-day United States. The e-mail says an Englishman living in Arkansas has interpreted the "Oculatum 636" and it's some sort of salve for those living with today's stressful life.

I'm not going to pursue this folio any further. I can live with stress but the primary order of business was writing the column.

So let's divert to what's happening right here in River City the free lecture series at the University of New Mexico. …

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