Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Future Here Looks Downright Sunny.

Byline: JIM BELSHAW Of the Journal

A block from where I work Downtown, a crane has nested. Not a sandhill crane, bigger than that. "Crane Services Inc." by way of identification on its side; "225 ton" by way of job description.

It stretches against the morning sky, rising above the buildings around it, a tower of steel and pulleys that makes the Erector Set engineer in you want to pull a few levers just to see what happens.

The wind starches an orange-and-white checkered flag at the top of the crane. (Why do flags look so good fluttering from Bunyanesque construction equipment?)

It takes a minute to adjust to the scale of the crane. It's not in sync with anything around it. …

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