Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

What's in a Baby's Name?(Final)

Byline: Aurelio Sanchez Journal Staff Writer

For N.M. parents, the most popular ones come from the Bible, or maybe MTV

Rosalie Padilla trusted in God when she named her twins.

"I didn't know what to name my sons, but I knew that I wanted their names to come out of the Bible," Padilla said Wednesday.

She closed her eyes, said a prayer, and opened the Bible to find the names Isaiah and Isaac for her boys, who are now nearly 3 years old. She learned later, in a revelation of sorts, that Isaiah is a very popular name.

Isaiah came in third among the top five boy's names for New Mexico babies in 2002, according to the Office of New Mexico Vital Records and Health Statistics. …

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