Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

City Rain Barrel Rebate Discussed.(Journal North)

Byline: John T. Huddy Journal Staff Writer

Council Kills Out-of-State Plan

The City Council on Wednesday nixed a plan to buy 1,250 rain barrels from a Vermont company, opting instead to focus on a water bill rebate program for Santa Feans who buy barrels from local vendors.

The council's 4-4 deadlock was broken by Mayor Larry Delgado, who voted in favor of rescinding the council's approval of the earlier plan.

The decision comes after local rain barrel vendors complained about the city's plan to spend upwards of $98,000 on 1,250, 75-gallon rain barrels from the Vermont company Home & Garden Innovations.

The city then planned to sell the rain barrels for $40 to residents. …

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