Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Blind Eye Stops Traffic.(Final)

Byline: Road Warrior D'Val Westphal Of the Journal

DETECTING A PROBLEM AT ATRISCO AND LADERA: Beulah Woodfin e-mails that "at night, the traffic signal at Atrisco and Ladera does not respond to traffic. When northbound on Atrisco (recently), I waited three minutes for the light to change to green, and I don't know how long the light had been red before I got there. ... Assuming that the light was stuck, I crossed the intersection."

A few days later, Beulah "stopped at the intersection behind another vehicle. After about two minutes, there were five or six vehicles behind mine, and the lead vehicle crossed the intersection when there was no cross traffic. Shortly after this, the light changed and I proceeded through the intersection. …

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