Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

ID Requirement Could Restore Voters' Trust.(Final)(Editorial)


Having seen ample proof of the inaccuracy of voter registration rolls, it's hard to argue against requiring voters to provide identification at the polls.

Bernalillo County Clerk's Office records list 166 registered voters over the age of 100, according to Seth Heath with the Albuquerque Voter ID Initiative.

The group is pushing a ballot proposition on requiring voter ID in Albuquerque city elections. The plan has considerable merit.

One hundred and sixty-six centenarian voters is more than twice as many 100-year-old residents as the census found in 2000 and, potentially, about 80 questionable votes. Requiring voters to show identification would eliminate that potential in less time than it takes to explain a dangling chad. …

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