Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)


Byline: Story by Leanne Potts * Illustration by Russ Ball * Of the Journal

Flicks on 66 fuels desire for technical craft of filmmaking

When Jim Graebner co-founded the Flicks on 66 digital film festival four years ago, he believed the event would put Albuquerque at the center of a revolution in the way movies were made.

Graebner, who cobbles together a living as a casting agent, scriptwriter and playwright when he's not working as executive director of the film festival, believed digital technology would soon put movie cameras in every hand. He foresaw an uprising of visionary filmmakers rising from the hinterland to challenge Hollywood's hegemony over the movie industry.

"We wanted to democratize filmmaking," said Graebner, the festival's executive director. "We wanted to hear everybody's stories, not just the ones the studios picked."

On the way to the revolution, though, Flicks on 66, which bills itself as the only festival dedicated solely to the production of digital films, turned into an educational project.

Sure, the festival will still provide the equipment and crew for seven novice filmmakers to shoot an 11-minute digital movie in six days, a novel approach that prompted Premiere magazine to dub Flicks "the strangest little film festival in the world. …

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