Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Parade A Slice of America.(Final)

Byline: Jim Belshaw Of the Journal

We know how to do the Fourth of July in Corrales.

(Note on the royal "we": Any objective measure must conclude that in the hands of Corrales, a Fourth of July parade becomes a work of Americana art; but because I live in Corrales, inevitably someone will claim media bias. They're right. I am biased. So there.)

On the Fourth of July this year, I saw a kid wrapped in the flag. Literally, not metaphorically. We don't do things metaphorically in Corrales. (But you're welcome to come over and borrow a cup of metaphors if you need it.)

The kid was on a bicycle, the stars and stripes wrapped around him like a poncho. …

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