Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Life overload.(Sage)

Byline: Sharon Niederman * Illustration by Russ Ball


With all the things I have to remember it's no wonder I find myself asking "Now, where did I put that?"

As usual, I'm running late. I have exactly seven-and-a-half minutes to get across town to a lunch meeting, where the scheduled speaker is moi.

After trying on three outfits and four pairs of earrings, each costume change requiring scrutiny in the full-length mirror, I am ready to go. The dog has water, and my eyelashes have mascara. My notes, one thought per file card, neatly wrapped in an elastic band, just as I learned in Speech 101, are safely tucked in my purse. I grab my water bottle and set the house alarm. …

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