Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Skunks can stick around.(Final)

Byline: The Bugman RICHARD AFGERLUND For the Journal

Q: I have a skunk problem and have caught some in a humane trap. My problem is how to release them without getting sprayed. Also, I have heard that there is a special trap available for skunks. I would like to release them a few miles from my property without anyone getting sprayed or injured. Do you have any suggestions? -- R.R.P., Albuquerque

A: I know animal control people will have a fit, but just throw a blanket over the cage, put it in your vehicle and take them away and release them somewhere. You can live with skunks. I have between two and six under my house all the time, and they're been there for at least four years. They never spray, they never attack my cats, and they are a blessing to have around. …

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