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Byline: Drawing From Life Dottie Indyke For the Journal

Sculptor's Work Begins With a Found Object

Early in her career, Barbara Zusman scavenged for art materials at the city dump. Once she found a collection of sticks, which she bound together using strips from an old bed sheet. Bundles hung off bundles, in the minimal manner of pioneering sculptor Eva Hesse. Zusman realized she was onto something.

Twenty-five years later, she is still scrounging and still wrapping, albeit on an elevated plane. The old bed sheets have been replaced by muslin, dyed a light tan and cut into long, thin strips, and scored to make them easy to shape. Though the Santa Fe city dump no doubt is chock-full of artmaking materials-in-waiting, Zusman now scours upscale antique shops for simple, old wooden objects. …

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