Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Hotel St. Francis Has Short Menu, Good Food.(Journal North Venue)

Byline: Anne Hillerman For the Journal

* Patio offers charming setting for special dining experience

If you go into a downtown restaurant in Santa Fe in the summer during the dinner period, you expect it to be busy, right? So it surprised us to find only one other couple having dinner on the patio at the lovely old Hotel St. Francis. And my second thought was "What have I gotten us into?" But I had no reason to fear. Our food was just fine.

It was another perfect night, unfortunately for gardeners, ranchers and the water table. Not a cloud in the sky. An evening made for dining outside.

The waiter told us to select any table and followed us with the menus. He also handed us each our own copy of the wine list -- a definite touch of non-sexist class. We learned about the day's special, barbecued ribs. "Are they big?" I asked. "Big as dinosaurs," the waiter joked.

We took some time to study the menu and enjoy the evening. …

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