Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Jumbo experiments with sound.(Venue)

Byline: Kevin Hopper FOR THE Journal

Speakers blast, band cranks on

If the name Jumbo's Killcrane sounds menacing, just wait until you hear the music.

Harking back to the slow, pounding rock sound of obscure early '90s acts like Melvins or Killdozer, the Lawrence, Kan., trio pummel the listener with intense and languid rhythmic repetition and incoherent blasts of lyrical epilepsy. No melody needed. And for fans of such abrasive music, no melody wanted.

As close a musical cousin to death metal as it is to early Nirvana, one might expect Jumbo's Killcrane to be huge fans of both. But ask the Jumbo crew -- bassist Troy Richardson, drummer P-Roc and guitarist and vocalist Ervis Jug -- who their musical heroes are and you'll be oddly surprised. …

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