Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Galisteo Artist Grows His Steel Garden.(Journal North)

Byline: Joseph Ditzler Of The Journal


GALISTEO -- A rustling sound, like newspaper blown across a parking lot, startled me just as I stepped out of the midafternoon sun and into the shade of John Massee's workshop.

I turned to catch a split-second glimpse of the south end of a snake, thick as a fist, as it disappeared into a cluster of metal and machinery along one wall.

Hear that? Massee asked. Hear it? I said. I just saw whateveritis disappear into that pile over there. I pointed.

Red racer, he said. A snake. A rat-eating snake, in fact, looking for rats. Turns out Massee had recently flushed from his work area, a space bordering on the size of a hangar, a mother rat, which scampered with its babies outside somewhere, which lured the neighbor's dog down for a between-meals treat. …

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