Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Acequias Likely Here to Stay.(Final)

Byline: Leslie Linthicum

DRY HORIZON water in the west

Fermin Torres, the mayordomo of the Acequia Madre del Rio Lucero y Arroyo Seco in Taos County, oversees an ancient system for moving water out of mountain streams and through green valleys.

With a shovel and rubber boots, Torres moves pieces of weathered wood and rusted metal, even boulders and pieces of soggy carpet, to open and close sluice gates and regulate the flow of water to hay fields, orchards, backyard gardens and lawns for the water users along six ditches.

In an arid state that is thirsting for water to meet the demands of industry and growing cities, this centuries-old system of moving water is often criticized as wasteful. …

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