Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

There's a Solution for Spider Mites.(West Side Journal)

Byline: Digging In Tracey Hobson For the Journal

Q. While I was watering my shrubs, I noticed my evergreens all had a dusty look to them. When I looked closer, it seems there is webbing massed in the bushes. What is going on?

I popped in to check what was going on with the evergreens and found an infestation of spider mites had taken up residence in the shrubs. From afar, the bushes looked dull and dusty.

Up close, you could see a distinct webbing clustered throughout the bush. The test to confirm the mites was easy. After cutting off a small piece of the shrub, it was "thumped" on a piece of paper and watched. Soon all the tiny specks of dust that ended up on the paper with the "thumping" started to move! …

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