Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Sewer Project Meets Delays.(West Side Journal)

Byline: Elaine D. Briseno Journal Staff Writer

Easement, Power Concerns Reported

Push the handle, watch the water swirl and disappear.

For most Albuquerque residents their thoughts of sewage end at the bathroom door.

But, for years North Valley residents have had to think about sewage well beyond the bathroom door. With no pipes that would allow them to hook into the city's sewer system, some North Valley residents have always had to rely on septic tanks.

A major county plan to install sewer lines in the North Valley is at a standstill until the county can obtain easement rights and find a way to power its vacuum station.

Bernalillo County, in 1999, undertook the task of eliminating all septic tanks in the county after a report determined they could be an environmental hazard. …

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