Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Move Over, Slowpokes.(Final)

Byline: Road Warrior D'Val Westphal Of the Journal

JUNE IS LANE COURTESY MONTH. Even in New Mexico. When you stop laughing, know that the goal is to "reawaken public interest in lane courtesy" and remind drivers that they should " 'Do The RIGHT Thing!' by yielding the left lane to faster moving traffic."

Eric Skrum of the National Motorists Association says in a news release that "failure to yield the left lane or taking actions that make it easy for others to merge into traffic are often caused by nothing more sinister than simple inattention and distraction."

But there are those folks who drive Mr. Road Warrior nuts. The ones who bop along in the fast lane as drivers pass them in the slower lanes. …

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