Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Rufio casts its lot with Net, racking up record deal.(Venue)

Byline: Kevin Hopper FOR THE Journal

The Recording Industry of America as well as many recording artists view the Internet as hazardous to record sales. When so many potential music buyers can get their milk (music) for free, why buy the cow (CD)?

Other bands, mostly those who are unknown to the music buying (or stealing) public, view the Internet in a different light. With the ability to share files with anyone with a computer, many unknown bands are giving away their music to as many people as possible in order to become more well known, get noticed by the industry and possibly get signed. But does it really work?

For Rufio, a suburban California foursome that plays catchy, melodic, three-chord pop songs with a new-school, punk-rock polish, it did. …

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