Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Nonprescription medicine doses may need adjusting.(Mature Life)

Byline: Ask Dr. Ramo Barry Ramo For the Journal

Dear Readers: We received several letters and e-mails after last month's column appeared. Here are two especially good ones.

Q: Over-the-counter medications give directions for the normal adult dose. Wouldn't you expect that a 200-pound man would be different from a 100-pound woman? Can you comment on the appropriateness of these directions?

A: The guidelines that come with OTC medications attempt to tell you the maximum safe dose.

There are two problems for the consumer. The first is the one you refer to -- small adults may need smaller doses and there are no recommendations. In that setting, trial and error comes into play. Based on the assumption that the dosages are for a 150-pound man, correct for body weight. …

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