Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Thieves Clip Man's Wings.(Final)

Byline: Jim Belshaw Of the Journal

It's not "The Thomas Crown Affair" quite yet and it might be more coincidence than conspiracy, but somebody's stealing stuff in Taos. Interesting, valuable stuff that suggests the bad guys are giving the matter some thought, which among other things violates my theory on how good usually triumphs over evil; to wit, most bad guys are dumb as a box of rocks. I've always believed it's our best hope.

We begin with the "sting" at Maison Faurie Antiquites.

Over the busy Memorial Day weekend, a man and woman presented themselves to Robert Faurie at the antiques store he has owned since 1982. They said they were in the antique business, which caught Faurie's attention. …

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