Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Creative Play Part of Game.(Final)

Byline: Jim Belshaw Of the Journal

George Will wrote about it. The Los Angeles Times editorialized about it. Don't tell me it's not an issue of grave concern and that we should just put a cork in it. (Sorry.)

If you never heard of baseball in your life, you have heard of Sammy Sosa and the corked bat. It's in the media maw now. Sammy Sosa, Chicago Cubs home run hero, succumbed to the baseball myth that a little cork in your bat makes the ball go farther. The practice is illegal and he got caught.

I sought out an expert -- Terry McDermott, now in the employ of Intel in Rio Rancho and formerly in the employ of the Los Angeles Dodgers as a catcher and third baseman. …

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