Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

It's My Turn: Signal, Please.(Final)

Byline: Road Warrior D'Val Westphal Of the Journal

READERS SAY CRASHER IS CRACKED: At least the eight in New Mexico who actually use their turn signals do.

Some background: Local crash expert Carl F. Thelin, aka Crasher Carl, spent 35 years checking out wrecks and vehicle safety for the likes of insurance companies, Consumer Reports and others. In this column May 29 he said he never signals "to change lanes unless someone is riding in the blind spot and won't move ahead or drop back. Otherwise, it is my responsibility to maneuver smoothly without disturbing anybody. ... (and) that bright flashing light doesn't help your night vision."

I can hear the tires screeching now. …

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